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Manufactured in Germany by Wolman Wood and Fire Protection GmbH and converted by Vanquish, Fire Protectors Monoammonium phosphate-based intumescent is a well known and popular choice for hardware manufactures.  Since 1952 Fire Protectors® have been providing customers with solutions for structural fire protection. 

Fire Protectors phosphate-based material undergoes a two-phase foaming process which begins at 150°C and is followed by a further surge at 300°C.  This results in very high foaming factors of up to 95 times its original volume. Without pressure, the foam spreads three-dimensionally into joints and crevices and prevents fire and smoke from spreading into other rooms.

Advantages of Fire Protectors  Phosphate based intumescent

  • Thermal insulation properties of the fine-pored foam provide excellent protection against high temperatures experienced during a fire
  • Low response temperature and two-phase foaming process
  • Three-dimensional foaming and very high foaming factor allow filling of large joints and cavities
  • Effective extension of the fire resistance duration of building components
  • 3rd party accredited for hardware protection
  • Available with full traceability print

Area of Application

  • Hinges
  • Locks
  • Flush Bolts
  • Door Controls

Alternative Applications

  • Glazing
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