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Manufactured by Vanquish, FlexiFire is a graphite-based intumescent material that offers high levels of expansion and insulation, preventing heat transfer on rebated hardware.

As the material reaches its activation temperature of 180°, the intercalated graphite particles expand many times their original volume.

Flexible and fully customisable FlexiFire is suitable for use on all types of fire rated hardware.

Advantages of FlexiFire®

  • Availability of 3 grades; HP, HS & HE provides a solution for all requirements
  • Multi-directional expansion and pressure provides structure and integrity when filling rebates and voids
  • 0.8mm thickness can be used for both 30 and 60 minute applications
  • A 100 Year Life expectancy ensures the lifespan of the door
  • 3rd party accredited for hardware protection
  • Available with full traceability print

Available Grades

An extruded flexible PVC material purpose designed for rebated items creating minimal voids such as, hinges and door viewers. FlexiFire HP has the lowest loading of intercalated graphite out of the range and has an expansion ratio in excess of 6 times its original volume.

An elastomeric sheet material custom cut for use on rebated hardware such as locks, latches & door closers. FlexiFire HS has an expansion ratio in excess of 15 times its original volume.

An extruded flexible PVC material. FlexiFire HE has the highest load of intercalated graphite in the range. It is designed for use with hardware with a large aperture requiring a strong insulating char, such as letter plates and light fittings. FlexiFire HE has an expansion ratio in excess of 20 times its original volume.

Area of Application

  • Hinges
  • Locks and Latches
  • Flush Bolts
  • Door Controls
  • Letterplates

Alternative Applications

  • Light Fittings
  • Glazing
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