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Vanquish Hardware Protection

Vanquish is the leading UK manufacturer of high-quality intumescent products for hardware protection. Our UK manufacturing facility offers bespoke design solutions, featuring traceability print and 3rd party accreditation from IFC .

With over 30 years of experience and a commitment to development and innovation, we deliver superior solutions for all Intumescent hardware protection requirements.

What is Intumescent Hardware Protection?

All hardware installed on fire doors must be fitted without compromising the integrity of the assembly. This is critical where hardware is rebated into the doorset – including, hinges, locks, latches and concealed door closers.

FlexiFire and Fire Protectors are intumescent materials that expand upon exposure to heat, preventing heat transfer on rebated hardware and sealing voids created during the rebating process.

our range


Flexifire FS 938 Lock and Plate + Pocket
Flexifire Concealed Door Closer + Pocket
Interdens 76mm BS Dead Lock Kit Applied

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